Why Get Lexus Maintenance from Lexus of North Miami?

Why Get Lexus Maintenance from Lexus of North Miami


Wear and tear are inevitable in your lease or ownership experience, but breakdowns due to neglect or missed Lexus maintenance are not. If you’re curious about your Lexus vehicle’s maintenance needs, Lexus of North Miami makes it easy to maximize driving enjoyment while minimizing stress. 

Why Lexus Maintenance Matters

If you’ve ever looked at a pre-owned or L/Certified Lexus model, you’ve likely noticed that they hold their value exceptionally well. There’s a reason for this; their reliability is second-to-none. 

Ensuring your car or SUV lasts as long as it was designed for requires some simple but timely upkeep, preferably using genuine Lexus parts. A small investment now prevents repairs later while protecting your vehicle’s warranty and limiting your chances of wear-and-tear penalties at lease end.

Maintenance Checklist

This raises a question: what does your vehicle need from the service center at our Lexus dealership in North Miami? There are three ways to stay on track. Your owner’s manual lists every service essential, your Lexus dealer will inform you when it’s time to visit, and we’ve also compiled the following brief overview. 

  • Monthly: Monitor any warning lights, especially your vehicle’s check engine light; also check and refill wiper fluid, confirm your tires’ condition and proper pressure, and also ensure that your car’s lights are working correctly inside and out.
  • Every Three Months: While the items above can be taken care of in your driveway, you should visit your Lexus service center every few months for a battery inspection, an exhaust check, and an oil change.
  • Every Six Months: You should rotate your tires at the six-month mark, inspecting your chassis, belts, and hoses while you’re at it. We’ll also check your brakes and steering system throughout this routine service.
  • Yearly: You should inspect your brakes annually, maintaining or repairing them as needed. It’s also a good idea to flush and replace the engine coolant, test steering, and wheel alignment, replace the cabin air filter, and install new wiper blades.

As we alluded to earlier, this is by no means a comprehensive list. Each vehicle’s needs are different and will vary further depending on its age and your driving habits. From new Lexus tires to batteries and from minor maintenance to major repairs, we strive to customize a maintenance plan that ensures maximum longevity. 

Schedule Lexus Maintenance 

From maintenance to parts and genuine Lexus accessories, car care need not be a chore. Simply visit Lexus of North Miami for the level of care you and your vehicle deserve. We look forward to serving you!