Lexus Service FAQ


Lexus Service FAQ hombre que da servicio a un coche


Because they’re packed with great features, luxurious, and above all, long lasting, there are many reasons car owners love their Lexus vehicles. Making sure your vehicle is as reliable as it should be is easier than you’d think. All you have to do is visit our Lexus service center when it’s time for maintenance or the occasional repair. 

How do I know when to bring my car or SUV in for service? 

There are three ways to stay on track with service center visits. 

  • Your owner’s manual or a reminder from your Lexus dealership indicates it’s time for maintenance 
  • The seasons have changed; this is a good time for a vehicle inspection, new tires, and any number of other maintenance essentials 
  • You notice a change in your car’s performance, including lower fuel economy, unusual sounds during operation, difficulty steering or braking, or anything else out of the ordinary 

Also, while recalls are rare, we encourage you to visit Lexus of North Miami as soon as possible if you receive a recall notice. 

There are so many kinds of motor oil. How do I choose the right one? 

Your owner’s manual and the technicians at your Lexus dealership can both help here. Vehicles have different needs due to age, owners’ driving habits, and how they’re used; an older vehicle that’s used for in-town driving may need a different formulation than a new SUV that does a lot of towing or frequent highway travel. We’ll make sure your vehicle gets exactly what it needs. 

What if I don’t have a lot of time for service? 

That’s all the more reason to choose us for your car care needs. We offer pick-up and delivery service as well as loaner cars. For the more involved jobs, we offer a lounge where you can wait in comfort, with access to free Wi-Fi, refreshments, and more. 

How can I save money on parts and service? 

One thing you shouldn’t do is look for the cheapest option. Using anything other than genuine Lexus parts or relying on a mechanic who doesn’t specialize in Lexus vehicles is taking potentially expensive chances with your vehicle. Instead, use our Lexus service and parts specials for a better way to save money.  

What about my other questions? 

We can’t answer all of them on a web page, but if you call or stop by Lexus of North Miami, we’re happy to make sure you have the information you need, and the expert service you deserve.