5 Benefits of Routine Lexus Oil Changes 

April 15th, 2022 by

Your Lexus vehicle is made up of tens of thousands of high-performance parts. One of the most important comes in a small bottle: motor oil. A Lexus oil change at a dealership like Lexus of North Miami protects your vehicle, your engine, and the investment that you’ve made in a luxury driving experience. 

Oil Changes are “Greener”

Engines that are poorly maintained typically have worse engine emissions performance than engines that are properly maintained. Getting an oil change is better for your car and the planet alike. 

Cooler Engine Performance

Motor oil isn’t only a lubricant. It also helps to limit friction, which in turn leads to less heat generated by the engine. Lower engine temperatures also mean a lower chance of your engine overheating. 

Lower Chance of Engine Damage

Did you know that motor oil cleans your engine, too? An engine with an oil leak, or one that’s using old oil, will have a higher chance of engine damage than one maintained at a Lexus service center. 

Better Fuel Efficiency

As motor oil ages, it actually begins to cause some of the problems it was designed to alleviate. As a result, your engine has to work harder. As it does, it’s using more fuel than it used to, rendering it less efficient than before. 

Lower Repair Costs

Besides protecting your engine, oil changes protect your wallet. Good maintenance now means a lower incidence of repairs later, which means you spend a little bit now to save a lot as your vehicle ages. 

Better Lexus Service at Lexus of North Miami

Your owner’s manual will let you know how often to visit Lexus of North Miami for oil changes and other service essentials. We’ll send you periodic reminders and Lexus service offers, too. Everything you need for better motoring is here, so visit us today. 

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