What Do You Do if You See Fluid Beneath Your Car?

July 16th, 2022 by

When your vehicle has a leak, it isn’t just a messy inconvenience. It’s also the sign of an issue with your vehicle and could lead to a serious one if it hasn’t already. Follow these tips from our Lexus service experts at Lexus of North Miami when you see fluid under your car.

Don’t Drive Your Vehicle

We understand that everyone depends on their vehicle. And, sometimes, you can’t go without it. However, some leaks can be dangerous. A brake fluid leak, for example, is one of the most common causes of total brake failure, which makes it incredibly unsafe to drive your vehicle if it’s leaking brake fluid.

Identify the Leak

It’s so important to determine where your leak is coming from and, of course, what the fluid actually is. Some leaks you can easily identify from their location. For example, if the puddle is near the front of your car, it’s likely oil. If you can’t determine the source, you’ll want to try to identify the fluid.

  • Brake fluid is yellow, but gets darker as it ages
  • Motor oil is typically amber, but can range from brown to black
  • Power steering fluid ranges from light reddish brown to brown
  • Coolant is yellow
  • Transmission fluid is a reddish brown
  • Windshield wiper fluid is blue

Schedule Repairs

Even if a leak seems trivial, you still want to make sure to schedule repairs. Usually, a leak stems from worn, broken, or corroded parts. So, while it may start out small, it will likely escalate as the damage continues to worsen. Plus, as we mentioned, it could be dangerous to drive a vehicle with a leak. At the very least, you’re causing undue damage to your vehicle.

Need repairs? Contact our Lexus dealership in North Miami, FL today, we’ve got you covered!

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